One of the common health issues that old age people deal with dementia. It is a memory loss
that is also known as Alzheimer disease. The patient of this disease starts forgetting things
about him/her, loved ones, friends, and more. Doctors believed that many exercises for the
health problem but there is no specific cure. It’s not easy to deal with Alzheimer’s patients as it
has many mood swings, lost interest, depression, and more. It has many stages like any other
disease. In the last stage, the person completely loses his/ her memory. Alzheimer’s patient
needs full care and love.
It is important to have knowledge about various diseases and health problems. Let us check
some details about the Alzheimer’s disease. If you are someone who is someone known or
loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s, the facts, and myth gave below will help you.
Top 5 Myths About Alzheimer’s Diseases You Should Know
1. Alzheimer’s Is Not An Accidental Memory Loss
As people get older, memory problems occasionally occur, such as forgetting the names of
people they recently met. This is normal. But, the symptoms come to notice when start
forgetting the people they are living with. When this happens, individuals may forget the name
of a long-term friend.
2. No Official Cure
There are no survivors of Alzheimer's disease. The worst effect of memory loss is that your
memory cells stopped working.
Due to this, the person starts forgetting its identity and loved ones. In many cases, the person
can't remember basic things in life like to eat, drink, and more.
3. Alzheimer's disease Target Elder One
It’s a myth that Alzheimer’s disease only people with the age above 65. It can happen to anyone
from a kid to middle-age people. But, it’s most of the patients are old because their body
system easily develops the symptoms.
4. Stress is Not A Factor of Memory Loss

It usually takes a long time for people with this disease to get an accurate diagnosis. This is
because doctors usually do not think this is possible in middle age. They usually think that
symptoms such as memory loss come from stress.
5. Alzheimer’s Does Not Cause Death
Many believe that Alzheimer’s, the memory loss disease doesn’t cause death. Most people
have lived 8 to 10 years after being diagnosed. They forget to drink or eat or have difficulty
swallowing, which can lead to severe nutritional deficiencies. They may also have difficulty
breathing and may cause pneumonia, which is usually fatal.
Read Some of the Significant Facts About Alzheimer’s Disease
1. Women Are At Higher Risk
Women with AD are more likely to experience brain atrophy than men with the disease.
Researchers believe that brain changes in women with AD may complicate the issue.
2. Deaths Due to Alzheimer’s Are Least
The Alzheimer's Association also pointed out that AD is one of the top ten causes of death in
the United States, and there is no way to prevent, cure, or slow its speed.
The Closure
There is no vaccine for Dementia or Alzheimer's disease. But so far, there is no definite way to
stop the development of health problems. However, medications can help relieve certain